August 2018 / by wanderers

At Wanderers, we welcome travellers to quench their thirst and hunger for companionship; for social bonding. While on their journey, we welcome them to enjoy, savouring our craft beer and food with us!

We, as craft brewers have the vision to be a sentinel of craft beer, brewing beers that are crafted to local taste (indeed…beer is local…very local!) offered fresh to our patrons enhancing their social and cultural bonding!

Our brew-pub(s) is a fulcrum to bring about appreciation of beer, weaving social bonding around beer, food and entertainment; striving to be an oasis of social and cultural bonding!

Wanderers are a team of professionals with a passion for beer, offering hospitality and enhancing social bonding of our patrons. Our beers are more sessionable; food is artisan and the setting in our brew-pub encouraging to cater to varying moods and sensibilities of the patrons walking in.

We insist our patrons on Enjoying Responsibly.